Spektra is the DJ in Freen in Green, and the only strictly digital member of the group.

Early Life Edit

Spektra was accidentally created by Sparky after using his genie magic to try to fix Haylee's phone, which he himself fried while trying to make a call on it.

Music Career Edit

Unable to physically interact with any analog instruments, Spektra finds herself often directly interacting with the digital data representing the band's music, which caused the rest of the band to refer to her as the "Waveform Maestro" of Freen in Green.

Personal Life Edit

Spektra tends to spend her time manifested in Haylee's phone, where she uses the internet to read up on various topics that pique her interest, otherwise she'll manifest herself in Zoot's body on order to control his motor functions and interact with the real world.

Inspirations Edit

Spektra's influences usually lean on the more electronic and produced side of music, claiming that the waveforms are rather "charming" and that the beats are easily identifiable even just visually. She claims the rapid chops and cuts in samples often used in hip-hop and dubstep feel like a massage to her body.